Petunia Belle
ID# C-10-085

16 year old • Female

All About Me

Petunia Belle is a petite girl with a tiny elfin face. She is absolutely adorable and has a magical charm about her!

Petunia Belle was rescued from one of NC's poorest county shelters. She was pulled on the day she was due to be euthanized and was frozen in fear for about a week. But after that, this little baby girl melted into one of the most intensely loving cats we have ever known! She will stay by your side as long as you want her too, plus is a lap cat on occasion. She has an unusually tiny face and resembles a little "forest elf". Petunia's favorite things in life are: 1) cuddling with a human (because she absolutely ADORES people!!), and 2) daily canned treat time! 3) napping with her foster brother and look-alike, Nathaniel. Petunia is bonded with "Natie" and would love to be adopted with him so they can stay together. (If you are looking for a pair of kitties that get along great together, please consider little Petunia Belle and her brother Nathaniel! The benefits to you are that you are getting a pair that already get along very well plus they can keep each other company while you work so you will never have to worry about them being bored or lonely!) Petunia is a neat little cat and is litter box trained. She also is a "greeter" and when you leave the house, she will wait patiently for you to come home so she can be the first to welcome you home! She is a loving soul who deserves to be treasured because she will truly treasure her adopter and shower them with love.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids No


Petunia Belle was rescued from one of the most notorious county shelters in eastern NC. This shelter was shut down for animal care violations the very next day after rescue. Her chances of being rescued were almost zero %. However, a great IAR volunteer made the two plus hour trip down there to rescue her and several dogs. When Petunia was rescued, she was literally frozen in fear and could not move for several days. She could sense how close to death she had been. After several weeks in a loving foster home, however, Petunia truly "blossomed" into one of the most loving cats we have ever known. Ask any animal rescuer: the animals we save "know" we have helped them and are palpably grateful. This is really evident in precious Petunia, as she showers people with such love and gratitude.