ID# C-09-469

14 year old • Male

All About Me

Kai is a beautiful striped and spotted silver tabby, with petting lines between his ears and down his back. His tail is like a raccoon's and his eyes are a meltingly soft green/hazel.

What can we say about Kai? Mr. Independently Lovable Kitty. What is better than that? He can entertain himself, but loves to chase a feather toy. He's an explorer who puts Columbus to shame, but will always come home to roost, even if it is just the next room. Like his sister, he is shy and prefers not to be picked up for a cuddle. He will happily hop on your lap or perch nearby (should your lap be occupied) for a cuddle or a polite request to be played with. He loves his sister Kiri and would love to stay with her, but, if that's not possible, given his young age, would need to be in a home with another young cat. Most importantly is a family that will dote on him and make him feel special. Like his sister, he likes to announce his presence and preferences vocally, especially when it comes to his food likes and dislikes (even though he will eat anything).

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Like his sister Kiri, Kai was found in the community together with their 3 other siblings. Kai has come such a long way since he was found at the tender young age of 4 weeks. He was fostered into one of the best IAR foster homes available, and there, was given love, attention and socialization skills. As a result he has been transformed into a love bug....you won't regret making him a part of your family.