ID# C-09-455

14 year old • Female

All About Me

Mickey is a beautiful Siamese female who is mostly white with beige and gray markings and big beautiful blue eyes. Her sister, Binx, is a fully black short haired female who is very very soft and the smaller of the two. They are both small for their age, but they are healthy and athletic and have grown into pretty, playful kittens. They are very close, which is why I will only adopt them out as a pair.

Mickey is the outgoing one and Binx is the shy one between the two sisters. Binx was much smaller than Mickey when they were first rescued, so it took longer to get her healthy, as well as for her to come around to liking people, but I am proud to say they now both love attention. Although they both take a day or two to warm up to new people, once they do, they are two of the most affectionate cats I have ever come across. If I go to do class reading on my bed, they both hop up there with me and cuddle and purr like crazy. They are most comfortable when they are around each other and they love to cuddle when it's the three of us. Mickey has an affinity for elastic ponytail holders (I had 15, which have now all disappeared. I'm pretty sure she's made a nest somewhere) and they both love balls and cardboard. They love to play with one another and especially love hiding from each other and pouncing when the other one isn't looking. They are both very quiet kittens with demure meows, so they never annoy me. Because they were both wild, they are still easily scared by loud noises, but they are well-disciplined and listen well. My boyfriend notes that whenever I tell them to stop doing something, they immediately comply: he said he's never seen kittens respond so attentively to their owners. I am very very proud of the progress these two girls have made, and I will be very sad to part with them, but they are so loving, I would be happy to make them apart of a caring new home!

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs
Likes Young Kids Yes


Binx and Mickey were found underneath the grates of the community grill at my apartment complex. They were both very malnourished when they were found, and I spent the first two weeks focusing solely on getting them healthy. Once they started to get lively, I worked with them behaviorally to domesticate them, with the help of another more experienced foster volunteer. They have never had any medical ailments and are completely healthy, I am happy to say. They are also both fixed. They have spent the majority of their lives in my two-bedroom apartment, which I live in alone with no other cats or dogs, although they spent time at another foster's home and have been exposed to other animals successfully.