Master Shifu
ID# C-09-446R

18 year old • Male

All About Me

Male, solid red Persian with copper eyes. Weight: 10lbs. Best feature: curly whiskers!

Named after the Kung-Fu master in the movie Kung-Fu Panda, Shifu (pronounced Shee-foo) may seem all business at first, but he turns out to be a big teddy bear at heart. He is content to meditate alone, but also enjoys following the humans around and playfully chasing the other cats. Shifu loves attention, and will hop right into your lap awaiting your pampering. Shifu bonds very quickly and has a loyal heart. If you are looking for a kitty to keep you lots of company, Shifu is the perfect fit!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Shifu showed up at a local veterinary clinic needing much love and a well-deserved groom. He had been living outside (as no Persian should have to do), and was obviously trying to care for himself. His coat was very thin and wiry. He was taken in by a foster and given excellent care for several months. He is now well-nourished and his coat is full and luscious. After a long wait, he is ready to find his perfect new human caretaker, who will groom, feed, and cherish him to his heart's content.