Mama Mia
ID# C-09-369

16 year old • Female

All About Me

All black coat with stunning yellow eyes! She has a smaller frame at about 7-8 pounds when at a healthy weight. Right now, Mia is on a diet and trying to lose all that extra poundage! She's finding it difficult to battle her passion for eating!

Mama Mia is an absolute sweetie who has loved people from day one! Although she doesn't tend to do much lap perching, she will eagerly greet her foster mom and lay close to her to watch TV. She is a prize-winning nuzzler and loves having her belly rubbed! She will often climb onto the back of the couch and affectionately rub all over the top of her foster mom's head. Don't let her age fool you, either, because she still has plenty of play left in her! She loves most teaser toys and mice, but her all time favorite is any kind of cat nip (she's a bit of a junkie). It can take a little time for Mia to settle into a new environment and she can be a little skittish with very busy households. She would be great for a calmer home with owners willing to be patient with her or an older person looking for a quiet companion. She is also quite tolerant of being handled and allows her nails to be trimmed without much fuss. She doesn't enjoy being held for long periods of time, but will let people she trusts pick her up. Mia tolerates dogs just fine as long as they respect her space. She's an avid believer in the idea that she'll leave them alone, if they leave her alone. She also won't hesitate to set these rules with a dog that gets too nosy. It usually only takes one warning hiss to set any new dog straight about her personal bubble. Mia doesn't get along well with other cats. She seems threatened by them and will often stalk and intimidate the resident cats in her foster home. However, she is fairly well bonded to her son, Roscoe, and has spent her entire 4 years in foster care with him. They sleep closely together, play together, and groom each other. It would be best for them to be adopted together. If you're looking for a loving, playful, quiet, easy to care for kind of cat, then Mia is your girl!

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Mia came from Savannah, GA where her foster mom was working at the time. She was fed by someone since she was a kitten, however that person never thought to give her any vet care. She got pregnant and was surrendered to the veterinary hospital where her foster mom offered to take her in and raise her babies once they were born. She has been in foster care since 2009 and would love to finally have a home of her own!