ID# C-09-327R

24 year old • Male

All About Me

Ahboo is a purebred black & white Persian with a face that could stop traffic. He has the characteristic foreshortened muzzle with its tiny nose, as well as a thick coat, large paws and gigantic gold eyes. He is currently shaven with just an adorable poof of fur on the tip of his tail. It looks like he has the body of a lion and the face of an owl.

Ahboo is a character in the best sense of the word. Warm and communicative, he will follow you around the house like a loyal dog, purring all the way. He loves to receive belly rubs and a scratch behind the ears but he is also independent enough to entertain himself (usually by wandering off to curl up and nap through the afternoon). He is great with strangers, unfazed by small children & strange hands, and friendly with all who cross his path. He is very people-oriented-- in fact, he is seemingly indifferent to the other animals around him-- and would do very well being the king of the castle in a single-cat-household. Potential adopters should be advised that Ahboo will need daily brushing and face cleaning to keep the folds around his nose and eyes pristine. However, aside from the regular grooming he will require, this guy is LOW maintenance. If you need a little Zen in your life, why don't you invite this mellow fellow into your home and let him show you how it's done?

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Ahboo was found as a stray and taken to a local shelter. His matted fur was so tangled that it had to be completely cut away, revealing a skinny little guy who could stand to gain a few pounds. Now that he's found a foster home, he is enjoying the regular meals and affection that are helping him get back to his best self.