ID# C-09-307

54 year old • Male

All About Me

Jonathan has a mostly dark orange back and sides, with tabby markings on his head and legs. He has a pale ruff and highlights around his eyes, with a pink nose, pink ears, and amber eyes. He is larger than his siblings, and exquisitely soft and beautiful.

For a kitten, Jonathan can be rather deliberate. He will examine a new toy from a safe distance, touch it lightly with a paw, back away slightly, think for three moments, then possess it utterly. Usually, his littermates Eliza or Jack will jump in (literally) before Jonathan has completed his investigations, which may explain why he is sometimes so committed to not sharing fur mice. Jonathan has his passionate, impetuous side, too, once he gets comfortable with a situation. He loves racing around and around the room, tumbling with his littermates, and chasing things. Born semi-feral, he's still shy and startles easily from unexpected noises, towering people, and hands reaching towards him. However, he's showing great promise, loves petting and very occasionally sitting in laps, and purred mightily while curled up on the couch through most of his first video watching experience. He's definitely bigger than his two siblings Jack and Eliza, but for some reason he's just a little shyer and quieter than they are.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Jonathan was part of a litter born to a feral mother in Winston-Salem. He came into foster home at about 9 weeks old along with two siblings. Two other siblings were adopted from the litter before coming to IAR.