ID# C-09-222

54 year old • Female

All About Me

Athena is a brown/gray tabby with some black spots on her soft little tummy and beautiful golden eyes.

Athena is the trailblazer among her littermates. She is fearless and was the first kitten to scale the babygate to get out of her nursery. She led the other kittens in a revolt to gain their freedom. Now they have free run of their foster home. Athena is the least likely to sit on your lap, mainly because she is too busy to slow down. She loves to hide and jump on the other cats. She loves to wrestle and can jump high into the air after a feather toy. She is so much fun to watch.

Check me out! I'm a Kitten Cam star!

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My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Athena was born into a feral group of cats in Durham. She was fed by human caretakers from birth and was taken into foster care when she was old enough to leave her mother. She was rescued along with 5 other kittens from the same group. The adult ferals have all been spayed and neutered and are being cared for as an outdoor colony.