Sir Chirps-a-Lot
ID# C-09-165

54 year old • Male

All About Me

Sir Chirps is a GORGEOUS cat with dark orange, very short soft fur, and a beautiful stripe pattern. He has a distinct "kitten face" even though he is an adult! Chirps has a lean and athletic build. Orange tabby fans with LOVE Chirps!

Chirps is a sweet boy who is also a lean playing machine! He is extremely friendly and well-socialized. Chirps also LOVES all other cats, especially those who will play with him! His goal in life is to "have fun all day!" and he can't stop chasing toys or anything that moves, preferably his foster brother Bumper's tail! Chirps welcomes new cats to the foster room in the friendliest way. He's no snob at all, unlike most cats! He would be the MOST perfect friend for a lonely cat who wants a friend to play with. Sir Chirps-a-Lot (aka "Chirps" for short) was named because of his incredibly cute SING SONG chirp that he makes when it is time for his daily canned food treat! It is almost impossible to describe, but sounds like an extended pigeon coo or chirping sound. Consequently he gets a LOT of treats because everyone wants to hear him "chirp"! Chirps is litterbox trained and extremely healthy. He and his foster brother Bumper (aka "Bumps") are great buddies. (If you are looking for a wonderful pair to adopt together, please consider these two, however, they do not need to be adopted together.) Chirps is a truly delightful little guy--please meet him so you can experience the "magic of the chirps" in person!

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
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Sir Chirps-a-Lot marked for euthanasia at an overcrowded county shelter in rural NC. An IAR volunteer saved him and his brother Bumper just in time and they are now waiting for their forever homes.