Monterey Jack
ID# C-09-108

14 year old • Male

All About Me

Jack is a soft and fuzzy brown tabby with stripes and a spotted white tummy.

Jack is a friendly little lap cat with a loud purr, that is when he slows down enough to sit on your lap! He follows us everywhere we go and gives a loud meow when he sees us. Jack is a fearless adventurer. He was climbing over the babygate to get out of the 'nursery' as soon as he figured it out. He has met all the older cats in his foster house and is learning to respect his elders. But being a kitten, he doesn't let a little grumpy hissing bother him. He loves to play with his foster sister, Sprout. The two of them can be found tumbling, pouncing, running, jumping and climbing together. When Sprout is too tired to play, Jack amuses himself by chasing his own tail.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Jack and his five orphaned siblings were found by two UNC employees in an old abandoned truck. They were rescued in the rain and brought into IAR fostercare, where a very special volunteer bottled-fed them until they were ready to be weaned. Then Jack came to live with Sprout, who was an only kitten and badly needed a playmate her own size. Jack and Sprout have really hit it off and have a blast together, finding something new to explore and experience everyday. The two of them keep us entertained for hours.