ID# C-09-067

15 year old • Female

All About Me

Blossom is a magnificent Maine Coon mix with a fluffy plume of a tail, and a ruff around her neck that makes her resemble a lion. Blossom's Maine Coon is mixed with tortie, to give her both a unique look and a quirky personality. See more pictures of Blossom at

Blossom is a calm and quiet young female cat. Mostly she has the very laid back personality typical of a Maine Coon, chilling in her window seat or rubbing her head against your hand in a never ending figure eight. Occasionally her tortie-attitude peaks out, too, and she lets you know exactly when, where, and how you're supposed to be petting her. Blossom trusts and likes people. Her favorite spot is right next to you on the couch in the evenings, or plastered against your side in bed at night. She is very fond of other cats, often grooming them and cuddling up for a nap together in the sunshine. It has been great fun to watch Blossom blossom into a wonderful, quirky, and sometimes even kooky cat in foster care. Blossom can now often be found running as fast as she can across the hardwood floors, only to slide 'bang' into the walls. She may look regal, but she is not above a rough and tumble battle with the younger cats in her foster home. When Blossom finds her person, she is going to make them very very happy.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Blossom and her kitten were pulled out of a local animal shelter. Blossom's kitten has been adopted, and now it is Blossom's turn to find a forever home.