ID# C-09-040R

16 year old • Male

All About Me

Sammy is a tuxedo kitty. He has big golden eyes.

Sammy is a Bohemian at heart. His favorite spot in his foster home is beneath his foster dad's easel, amidst the art supplies. When he's not hanging out beneath the easel, he likes to roam around his apartment or nap either in the sunshine or under the bed, depending on his mood. He does not like to be held, but he loves to have his tummy and head scratched.

Sammy is a cat who lets you know what he wants when he wants it. When he wants scratches, he walks up to you and then drops to the floor, belly up. When he wants food, he makes you follow to him where his food is stored and rubs his face on the food container. He lets you know that he loves you by rubbing his head against yours and purring. And if that's not enough, he has the softest coat of any cat you'll ever meet.

Sammy would like to live with a famous painter, but if that's not possible, he'll settle for anyone who will love him and appreciate his free-spirited lifestyle. He would not do well in a home with people who want to pick him up and hold him or with someone who expects a lap cat. He enjoys the company of other cats, but would probably fare well as a single cat, too. Sammy is not fond of adoption events so the best way to meet him would be to stop by his foster home.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Sammy and his sister, Casey, came to the Durham APS as strays in 2009. For some reason, they were separated at the shelter, but have been happily reunited in their foster home. Sammy was then adopted,but returned to the foster system in 2011.