ID# C-08-382

15 year old • Male

All About Me

Moonshine is a small brown tabby cat with an endearing, inquisitive little face.

Moonshine has quickly become a favorite in his foster home. He is the littlest cat there, but he is not intimidated at all by the bigger cats. He runs, plays, jumps and wrestles with cats 3 times his size. All the big cats love him as well and take turns grooming him. Moony is a wonderful lap cat and will snooze for hours on your lap if you'll let him. He likes snuggling up with his humans on the bed at night. Sometimes his loud, rumbling purr wakes us up, but we don't mind because we know he's so happy. When he's not snoozing with us, he will curl up with his cat companions on the cat tree. Moonshine loves to carry his toys around the house in his mouth and likes to hide them in your shoes. He will be a loving, entertaining addition to any family.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Moonshine lived the first part of his life in an established feral colony. He had lots of cat companions of all ages. A few weeks ago, the feral caretaker trapped Moonshine to neuter him. When she realized what a sweet and friendly little guy he was, she decided to give him chance at being an indoor cat instead of returning him to his colony. Moonshine was a little shy at first at being indoors and being so close to people, but a few weeks in foster care living with other indoor cats have made him love being fussed over and he knows he's one lucky little cat. Now he's ready to join his new forever family.