ID# C-08-099R

16 year old • Male

All About Me

Tango is a big, gorgeous red-orange tabby with a white spot on his chest. He has a smallish head with a very sweet and expressive face and big bony paws. And a belly.

Tango's a very good cat. Playful, sweet and loyal, sensitive, quiet, neither clingy nor overly fearful, Tango likes to be around people and will probably bond strongly with one person. He'll probably be a little insecure for a little while, but will be reassured sufficiently if you just pet him and tell him he's a good cat once or twice a day. He's not clingy, although he does let you know when it's cat time. At adoption events, he reaches through his cage toward people. He'll lick your hand if you give him a chance. Tango is a very good, very sweet, awesome cat who will be happy to sleep in the sun & let his person know that he's grateful and glad to be home. He's very good about only scratching scratching posts and doesn't jump up on the kitchen counters. He doesn't beg for food (he's not really even into cat treats). He is current on all shots, neutered, and ready to go home. ** Many cats, especially kittens, do best with playmates, but some cats flourish as only cats. Tango is a cat who can be happy as an only cat, although he will benefit from regular play. (An advantage of adopting an adult cat is having this kind of knowledge.) Here's a color flyer with more photos of Tango: 1.4 MB PDF.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Formerly lived in nice cozy home, at first with one other cat. Then his household added more pets and a roommate, and his person had to leave town some weekends. Life became too chaotic and uncertain for him, and he walked around the house crying and miserable; it's possible there were also inter-cat issues (he's been very quiet in foster care as an only cat, although he seemed to expect trouble for a few days). Tango needs to bond with one person whom he can trust.