Mr. Micawber
ID# C-05-039

19 year old • Male

All About Me

Mr. Micawber is a black and white tuxedo boy with a lot of adorable and quirky features. His eyes almost cross a little, giving him a funky look that is TOO CUTE! Also sometimes his little canine teeth extend and they appear like tiny fangs. He also has one tipped ear, because he was neutered along with the feral colony he had joined. However, he is COMPLETELY FRIENDLY and TAME so we didn't release him back to the wild! Mr. Mac belongs on your cozy couch and in your safe home! Mr. Mac is also a tiny bit chunky, and will need to be put on a diet in his forever home. Mr. Micawber's face also looks oddly like a Boston Terrier dog in certain lights, which is truly unusual! OK, Mr. Micawber won't win any beauty prizes--- but he is the NUMBER One Blue Ribbon Prizewinner for his oddball charm!

Mr. Micawber is one of the funniest cats his foster parents have ever fostered due to a combination of his humorous and unique looks, his friendly 'head bumps', and his running around chasing his toys to show off. In fact his humorous ways are what got him his name, after a humorous Charles Dickens character! When Mr. Mac runs after a toy, we call it a 'Mac Attack'. He's charming, friendly, sociable, loves to hangout and will sit by you on the couch to keep you company on movie nights! Mr. Micawber gets along well with other cats and does love to play. He's a cutie that will make you laugh with his antics. Please meet loveable goofball Mr. Micawber -- he deserves his own forever home with you!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids No


Mr. Mac was rescued as a tame cat living with a colony of feral (wild born) cats. He must have been abandoned and joined up with the colony in a desperate attempt at survival. An IAR volunteer was working with this colony and saw immediately that Mr. Mac was completely tame and needed to be put in a foster home. We're so glad she saved this cute and funny boy!