5 Year Old • 60 lb • Male
Needs a home without young kids (<6).

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Physical Description: Logan is an exceptionally handsome boy! He is a sleek and beautiful, long-legged strawberry blond dog. He has a white chest and paws and some white on his muzzle. His forward-flopping ears and delightfully expressive face make him exceptionally photogenic.

Personality: Logan is quite eager to please. He knows basic commands: Come (accompanied by a whistle), Sit, Down, Wait, "Pillow" for his bed, "Get in" for his kennel, Roll-over, and Shake. Logan is food motivated, so he is easy to train--and he appreciates smiles and pats nearly as much as small treats.

He is a "leaner" and will press his body up against your legs. Logan is shy and approaches new people and experiences cautiously. He can become anxious in unfamiliar situations, and needs a firm but gentle person to help him navigate new and scary settings and to build his confidence.

The energy and activity of small children wouldn't be a good match for Logan. He is gentle and loving and will seek your attention; however, he doesn't particularly want to share it with another dog. For that reason, he would do best as the only dog so he will feel like the "Top Dog" all the time. He really enjoys his walks or a romp in a fenced yard, and he is then very content to lie at your feet. Logan has some mild separation anxiety, and although he may whine when left, he then calms quickly. He loves meeting other dogs in his neighborhood and participates in play days with groups of dogs at Sunny Acres Pet Resort. He likes the girls best!

History: Logan was a stray who was formerly rescued by IAR. He was adopted and lived happily for several years. Unfortunately, when his adopter combined households with another person who had a dog, they weren't compatible.

Good with Dogs: Yes

Good with Cats: Unknown

Good with Young Kids: No

Good with Older Kids: Unknown

Health Information: Logan had surgery on his right knee when he was quite young, but this hasn't slowed him down. However, when he gets anxious or physically tired, his back legs become a little shaky. As with most labs, he has to be told when he's had enough exercise.

IAR Sponsored Training: IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall (www.cheerydogs.com) to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.

IAR ID#: D-13-097R

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