Junebug Jones

6 year old • Female • Domestic Shorthair
Needs a home without dogs or cats.

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Physical Description: Perfect in every way, Junebug has adorable amber eyes and a beautiful coat.

Personality: Junebug is really a complete love bug! She is incredibly sweet and affectionate. She loves to warm up to you on the couch or curl up in your lap. She is always happy to share some time with you and is comfortable meeting new human friends. Junebug is easy to read, and very vocal – she’ll let you know what’s on her mind. She has an excited, joyful meow that she uses to greet you in the morning and at the door when you get home. To catch your attention, Junebug will raise her right paw and gaze up with her bright eyes – that's how you know that it’s time for a good chin-scratch. She loves to play with the string toy or chase the un-catchable red dot around the house. She is happy to spend downtime on her own and likes to gaze out the window and watch the bird feeder. Junebug would do best in a low-key home without other animals or children.


Likes Dogs: No

Likes Cats: No

Likes Kids: No

IAR ID#: C-11-089R