3 year old • Female • Domestic Shorthair

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Physical Description: Tabby and white

Personality: Selene is a super outgoing little tabby with a lot of personality. She was found hanging around a hotel in Durham. Being the friendly girl that she is, Selene didn't realize that not every guest at the hotel appreciated her coming into their room to visit!

Besides being friendly, Selene is also healthy, happy, and very confident.

She knows what she wants and when she wants it, and she's not afraid to ask for it. Actually, she's not afraid of much of anything; loud noises don't faze her in the slightest and new situations make her curious, not scared. No 'fraidy cat here!

Selene is a very chatty kitty. If you speak "cat," you'll have many long conversations with her!

She also likes to have a good view of everything that's happening, so she will appreciate having a high perch upon which to sit. At her foster's home, she loves to jump up on top of the trashbin so she can watch what's cookin' in the kitchen! Having been an outdoor kitty before, she especially loves fresh air and having big windows where she can watch the birds 'n' squirrels show outside; it would be ideal if her forever home had a big screened-in porch so she has the best view of all the outdoor happenings.

It's not known how she would handle other cats or dogs, but she seems like she would be great with humans of all ages. She doesn't mind being picked up and loves attention, especially interactive playtime with her human. She would really love to have an active companion who can match her energy levels. She still enjoys a good catnap (who doesn't?), but she definitely needs a certain amount of stimulation each day to keep her happy.

Selene isn't a fan of adoption events, but she'd love to meet and greet with you on her home turf. Arrange a private meeting with her today.

You'll be glad you did!


Likes Dogs: Unknown

Likes Cats: Unknown

Likes Kids: Unknown

IAR ID#: C-16-375