Our Programs

IAR operates the following animal welfare programs:

  • Foster Program - IAR rescues animals that are found as strays or originate from the local shelters that are in danger of euthanasia. We place these animals in loving foster homes and pay for all vet care and animal supplies. Once the animals are ready for adoption, we screen potential adopters and create a match so that the animal will be adopted into a loving forever home. [read more]
  • Community Spay/Neuter Program (C-SNP) - IAR identifies disadvantaged individuals in the Triangle unable or unwilling to pay for the costs associated with sterilization of their pets and offers to pay veterinary care and transportation fees. [read more]
  • Feral Cat Program - Trap-neuter-release to reduce the overpopulation of feral cats. [read more]
  • Dog Behavioral Training Program - IAR provides funding for behavioral training for dogs in foster care and those newly adopted because we believe this will increase the likelihood of adoption. We partner with local dog behaviorists in the area to provide this service. [read more]

The Volunteers and Animals of IAR thank you graciously for your support of animal welfare in the Triangle!