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Join us from the comfort of your home to see some cute adoptable doggies!

We will have fosters and their dogs available through a webinar. Each foster will give a brief description of their dog and will answer questions. Attendees will be able to submit questions through a chat window.

The event can be accessed through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88365360163

Dogs will continue to be added below as the day approaches.

Attending this Event:


8 month old • Male

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Cooper Boy

5 year old • Male
Cooper Boy is the sweetest doggo! He is gentle, calm and loves to hang with…

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Mack Star

12 year old • Male
Mack Star is full of love for his people. Shy at first, he is quick…

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3 year old • Male

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3 year old • Male
Nolan is a terrific guy, looking to be in a loving household as the only…

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Sadie Grove

2 year old • Female

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Hugo Lionheart

2 year old • Male

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Xena the Warrior Princess

1 year old • Female
Xena the Warrior Princess has such a warm, inquisitive face and a great smile. She…

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