Marvelous Ms. Mavis

ID# D-21-011

11 year old • Female • 50 lbs

All About Me

Mavis has a sleek black and brown brindle coat, white and brown on her face, and white on her chest and toes. She has short velvety ears, soulful eyes, and adorable floppy jowls. Mavis wears her gray hairs gracefully and has a loose belly that is proud testimony to her years of raising puppies.

This sweet and sensible senior is all the love without any of the drama. Marvelous Ms. Mavis greets all new people with a gentle wag and a shy smile—no sloppy kisses (she's much too dignified for drooling!) or climbing up on people.

She meets new dogs with interest and is quite happy to sniff and be sniffed before going about her business. She's not a fan of being jumped on or of rough housing (definitely not a dog park dog), but will wander contentedly around the yard with another dog or walk peacefully side by side on the leash.

Mavis has been known to chase a running cat—although if the cat doesn't run, she will go nose to nose without any inappropriate reaction. So cats are not ruled out, but cat owners would be advised to have a long, slow introduction period.

One of Mavis’ best attributes is that her life experience makes her an easy dog for taking out and about: She never ever pulls on the leash. She plunks herself down on the car seat and loves going for rides, quietly sitting in the car. She will sit at your feet while dining outside at a restaurant or pub, or chill out next to you while visiting friends on the porch (Covid times!).

But don't be fooled into thinking she is too old for activity! Mavis routinely walks 5 miles on a nice flat trail with me and will even hike a 2.5 mile mountain loop with me (although she will stop and for some heavy sighing on the steep inclines!). Check out the video of her on the leash and you’ll see how she never pulls and keeps up a steady pace. (That video was taken an hour and 45 minutes into a walk, and she was still going strong!) Mavis is known for some impressive Tigger-like jumps straight up into the air when she gets a smell of her favorite treat: a McDonald's cheeseburger.

Did I mention she likes to sleep in? You won’t have to get up early with this dog asking to go out to pee or to rush home after a couple hours for fear your carpet will be soiled. Mavis has never an accident in the house, and her bladder keeps very reasonable hours: She often does a last potty trip after dinner around 7 pm and then doesn't ask to go out again until 9:30 or so in the morning.

She is old enough to value alone time and doesn't need constant attention. She is just the right size for taking up only one couch cushion next to you. She will lean against your side while you're taking a Zoom call and will sleep with her head in your lap (she loves having her ears rubbed) when you’re watching TV (one of her favorite pastimes). She happily naps in the sun or sits outside on the porch for hours—without asking for or needing anything at all from you.

Mavis never chews on anything that isn’t hers—always respectful of every possession inside the house . . . shoes, electronics, and pillows are safe around this well-mannered lady! She will sleep in a crate without problem, but is just as happy lying on a dog bed on the floor. We have dog gates to keep our dogs out of certain areas of the house (and to give the cat some space), and Mavis has never tried to destroy or pull down a gate.

Marvelous Ms. Mavis is simply the perfect companion: sweet, easygoing, uncomplicated, affectionate, and looking for a loving home to call her own.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes

Marvelous Ms. Mavis is up-to-date on vaccinations, microchipped, heartworm negative, and recently spayed. She does have some cracked teeth, but has no difficulty eating or chewing. We are committed to fixing her teeth if needed.


Marvelous Ms. Mavis was a neighborhood stray, living outside for years, being fed on back porches, and having multiple litters of puppies before IAR brought her in.

IAR Sponsored Training

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