ID# D-18-122

11 year old • Female • 52 lbs

All About Me

Hanna is a beautiful brindle color from her head to her toes! She has a slight bit of gray around her muzzle, but otherwise not a single spot of white on her. Her tongue is dark, and she has an underbite. She was listed as a plott hound at the shelter, but is likely a mix of many breeds.

Hanna is generally timid, but very sweet and loving. She enjoys affection, and even likes to sit in your lap!<p>When first meeting her, you will probably see the shy side of Hanna. Then, after she becomes comfortable and things are familiar, she will do her happy dances and wiggly joyful greetings for you!<p>Hanna has great house manners and has never had an accident in the house. She does fine when left alone and does not require crating.<p> Hanna is good on the leash and does not pull. If she is feeling nervous or scared while on a walk, she may want to stand still until she gets her bearings.<p> She would be a wonderful companion for a single person or couple with a fairly quiet household. Being on the shy side, she would do better without young children and without a lot of unpredictable activity. A securely fenced yard would be lovely, especially as it would give her a regular low-stress route to go outside without any scary surprises. She loves being inside. She typically just likes to go outside for a potty break, then come right back in! <p> Hanna is looking for a home where she is the only pet. She has had some limited exposure to other dogs in the foster home, but she is most comfortable when away from the other dogs. She can pass other dogs on a leash a few strides away and not react; but she does not like dogs approaching her in a boisterous way or getting into her personal space. She does not seem to want to play with other dogs.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs No
Likes Young Kids No

Hanna is very healthy, up-to-date on vaccinations, spayed, microchipped, and heartworm negative. During her spay, the vet noticed some small extra pieces of tissue in her abdomen. The tissue was sent to the lab for analysis and turned out to be fragments of spleen, which were benign. She also has what appears to be an old healed injury on her left rear foot, but she walks and runs normally. It is likely that she had a physical trauma earlier in her life, but seems to have made a full recovery.


Hanna is from a local shelter.

IAR Sponsored Training

IAR subsidizes post-adoption professional training with Jane Marshall (www.cheerydogs.com) to encourage a life-long and successful bond between the dog and the adopter. Group classes for puppies and adult dogs are provided at a substantial discount to IAR adopters.