ID# IAR-A-9063

4 years old • Female

All About Me

Rosie is a very loving and sweet cat. She was quite bonded with her previous owner, an elderly woman who rescued her and her sister (Sunshine) and kitten (Magic Man) back in 2017. Unfortunately, this owner was unable to continue having pets after a rapid decline in health this year. Rosie was her precious lap cat - spending hours on her lap helping with crocheting and keeping up with current events. Though she still misses her mama, she is warming up the other people quickly and runs to make herself comfortable on any lap that presents itself to her! She's adjusting to all the change on her own schedule, but with grace and perfect feline poise.

Rosie has been letting us know that she would love to be an only cat. According to her previous owner, she was very protective of Sunshine and Magic Man when they were strays - she was the leader of their pack! But Rosie says her job is done with these two and it's time they move out and find a place of their own! She'll make a lovely only-cat and has a special affinity for mature women (when her foster grandma visits her now, she really lights up). Though she's learning to accept that most people are actually quite kind and have perfectly acceptable laps.

Rosie splits her time between lounging on the cat condo watching birds and tucking away in a safe hiding spot for long sleeps. When she has a kind human's lap available to her, she spends a lot of time there, too!

Rosie doesn't particularly like to be picked up (her previous owner had some age-related mobility issues, so her cats always jumped up to her and never got accustomed to being carried). She will get a little feisty when picked up - mostly just very squirmy, but not afraid to use her claws if needed to announce her displeasure with being carried. She much prefers attention and affection on her own terms, which are quite lenient once you know the boundaries. She didn't get her name for nothing - she's 95% sweet and gorgeous and 5% protective thorn. Therefore, we think that her ideal home would be with someone who is an experienced cat owner, without small children.

To see regular updates and more photos and videos of Rosie (and Magic Man and Sunshine) you can find them on Instagram: @foxtailfosters

All IAR cats will be spayed or neutered, microchipped and up to date on vaccines at the time of adoption.

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