ID# IAR-A-8894

1 year old • Female

All About Me

Ashlee has super-silky, shiny dark chocolate fur with a white blaze across her chest, speckled black and white paws, and a long black tail.

Ashlee is an absolute delight! Although she might be slightly nervous when first meeting you, when you sit and pet her, her tail will start wagging and in no time she'll be your best friend!

She is a young dog who loves playing with her foster dog brother. She is also content playing with toys around the house and in the yard--her favorites being the chewy, squeaky variety. She releases short bundles of excitement when outside, and it's a joy to watch her zoomies in a fenced yard. Overall, though, Ashlee is a medium-energy dog. Ashlee is crate-trained and house-trained (zero accidents!). She goes out to potty every 3-4 hours and poops twice a day, morning and night.

Ashlee is a gentle lady who displays excellent manners around the house. She doesn't jump on countertops or chew on anything other than her rope toys or her Benebone. Ashlee rests peacefully for hours while you work from home. We have been crating her each night and teaching her the Crate command followed by a treat. She sleeps soundly overnight, snoring and dreaming included, for a straight 6-8 hours. Although she prefers to lounge on her doggie bed or on the couch to be near her human during the day, she is comfortable being crated (1-3 hours) as well. This smart girl knows that crate time will be accompanied by a yummy treat like a peanut butter-topped Kong!

She has shown no signs of separation anxiety. Ashlee is eager to learn and to please, and is a breeze to train. She knows the Come, Sit, and Up (on the couch) command, and is very close to mastering Wait and Drop It.

Ashlee has settled in beautifully around the house, although she is a little skittish when outdoors and can be overwhelmed by noises in the environment (like cars, bikes, and strollers). We have kept her walks short and frequent (approx. 20 minutes, 3-4 times a day) around quiet and familiar areas in the neighborhood, and she is quickly building her confidence. Considering that Ashlee has likely never walked on a leash before, she is making incredible progress and is rewarded with treats. She usually tries to match her human's pace and responds quickly to gentle corrections if she is pulling.

Ashlee is a friendly gal who is interested in greeting other dogs on her walks; but she will refocus her attention to you and has never lunged at other four-legged pals. She is curious, though, and sometimes wants to chase squirrels and birds, so we've been practicing redirecting her attention away from small creatures.

Ashlee is just the sweetest girl and is learning how to show her love (mostly by cuddles, kisses, and belly rubs). She would be an ideal first dog for someone or an excellent addition to a family of pets! She has not met any cats. Ashlee is looking for a family who will help continue to teach her that people are loving and that she is deserving of that love!

She is up-to-date on all of her vaccinations, microchipped, spayed, and heartworm negative.

Ashlee was found as a stray.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown
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