ID# C-19-097

2 year old • Female

All About Me

Ramonda is a young petite ginger girl. The vet guessed she is right around 2 years old and she weighs just under 8 pounds.

Ramonda is the sweetest kitty. She starts purring the second she eyes someone who may pet her and she loves to get head bumps and face rubs. When she is particularly happy she poofs up her tail and it is a quite adorable contrast to her usual sleek appearance. While she loves pets she prefers to lay next to humans just in reach but not to be cuddled on laps. She is defiantly ready to retire from having kittens and live a spoiled life indoors. In her brief interactions with my personal cat there has been some hissing but I am not sure if that is due to her being protective of her babies or if she dislikes other cats all together. She does not like dogs and would likely be happiest in a home as a single cat or with a family wiling to do a slow introduction to any other cats.

My Details
Likes CatsUnknown
Likes DogsNo
Likes Young KidsUnknown


I noticed Ramonda hanging around my apartment building several months back and quickly realized that she might be pregnant at that time. I did not know if she was a stray or an indoor outdoor cat so I let her be and didn't see her for a little while. When I next saw her it was obvious that she had had her litter of kittens. Fast forward a couple of months and I noticed signs of pregnancy again. When she looked big enough to pop I decided to scoop her up and move her into my spare room. Two days latter she gave birth to five healthy kittens (Wanda, Clint, Natasha, Shuri and Tony).


Ramonda tested negative for FIV and FIL. She has gotten her microchip and rabies vaccine and was spayed on 6/11/19.