ID# C-18-266

4 year old • Female

All About Me

Sunshine is a gorgeous orange tabby girl with classic tiger stripes and almond colored eyes.

Meet Sunshine! How is it possible to fit so much personality into a pint sized tabby kitten? Bright and inquisitive, you have never had a little friend with so much vitality! Graceful and lithe, Sunshine pussyfoots throughout the house, ever exploring and concocting elaborate plans for her next adventure. She welcomes you to join her! It might seem unconventional to you, but she is quite comfortable in hitching a ride on your shoulder or even piggy back. And there will be conversation, much of it. Sunshine is master of the kitty chirp and twitter, she finds a mere meow intolerably mundane. This kitty cat can converse in musical score. Alto, Soprano, Vibrato, she will astound you with her repertoire and will undoubtedly make herself perfectly clear. Admittedly, a bit of a prima donna, Sunshine would prefer to rule her kingdom as an only cat. However, should this kingdom include a cat friendly dog, it is another matter, because well, dogs are dogs, and can be great fun to leap over and about. Sunshine has been known to even partake in fetch! However.. she does not necessarily feel compelled to return the toy ALL the way back to her person. Children in the home would certainly be quite the curiosity for Sunshine, but being that she lives life at such a zippy pace, she might not be the best match for a household of little ones.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids No


Sunshine was born to a feral mom and is now enjoying all the creature comforts and safety of indoor life.