Henri the Magnificent
ID# C-17-066R

6 year old • Male

All About Me

Henri is a big cat at about 15 lbs. He has beautiful silky black fur with brown undertones and bright, emerald eyes.

Henri is a big cat with a big personality! He’s playful and curious, yet at 4 years old, mature enough that he settles well and is respectful of his living spaces. He loves to climb the tall cat tree in his foster room to get better views of the birds outside the window. He naps on the highest platform – clearly a tree dwelling tiny panther!

Henri strikes a nice balance between lap cat and independent feline. He will lounge, spread out in all directions, on his foster mom's lap while she reads, until he gets too warm and heads off to cool his belly under the ceiling fan (which is quite frankly the cutest thing ever!).

Henri has recently befriended one of the resident cats in his foster home and is proving that he might very much enjoy the company of another feline. He is a big boy, and has a tendency to play a little rough, so a feline friend with a similar size and disposition would be best.

Henri is going to be some one’s best friend. He’s got all the qualities you look for – attentive, loving, loyal, and funny – plus, he sets very clear boundaries and will always tell you when you’ve crossed a line (don’t we all need that in a friend?)! When he's had enough pets, he lets you know with gentle paws and mouth, though sometimes this quickly turns to play, which can be a little rough. For this reason, we think he’ll do best in a home with an experienced cat owner without children.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs No
Likes Young Kids No


Henri and many of his family members were living outside at a rental property in 2017 where he was fed and socialized by the tenants. The tenants moved and the cats were adopted out. Henri was recently returned to IAR when the previous owners could no longer care for him.


Henri is in great health.