ID# C-16-296

7 year old • Male

All About Me

Pinky, so named for his adorable pink nose, is long and sleek like an athlete. He has gorgeous, very soft shiny orange tiger striped fur. His foster Mom thinks he might have some Siamese in him due to his high cheekbones and elegant look!

Pinky, aka "Pinks" is a kitten in a grown cat body! His favorite things are chasing mousie toys, hunting the laser pointer, and batting his foster brother Moose's tail. He also is a champion "Head bumper" and will come give you nose kisses! Pinkie is really adorable and absolutely gorgeous. He does have a ton of energy so we recommend a home with another young-ish, playful kitty so he can have a friend. He is also a fan of sitting in a sunny window and watching birds. <p> Pinky might be ok in a home with dogs as long as dogs don't mind assertive kitties! Pinky is actually a big baby, but goes on the offensive with dogs so they know not to bother him. He chases his foster Mom's dog away if he gets too close. A little spunk is a good thing in a kitty! Pinky has great litter box habits and has always used the box like a perfect gentleman. He is a good eater and loves his daily canned food treat. Pinky is a great cat who deserves a wonderful home of his own. You will love this beautiful boy!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs No
Likes Young Kids No


Pinky was found in a shopping center. He was disoriented and confused until an IAR volunteer got a call about him and went to see him. He was so sweet and got into a carrier right away. He was probably relieved that someone had come to help him.