ID# C-16-134

8 year old • Male

All About Me

Moose is a gorgeous, rectangular shaped, stocky but not fat boy with markings of orange on his back, a soft white belly, and pretty white paws. He is solid and his build suggests he is a British Shorthair mix, although his face looks like an American shorthair. His ear has been tipped (see "Cat History" below).

Moose is placid and easy going. A wonderful friend to have around, Moose enjoys being with you without driving you crazy needing attention all the time! He is a true gem in that he is not high maintenance, but just a real pleasure to be with. Moose has wonderful manners and has been great to the other foster kitties in the home. He is also patient with his foster Mom's crazy dogs, gentling swatting them without hurting them to let them know he is not a chew toy! <p> Moose's favorite things are: hanging out with his people, sleeping in his faux leopard print bed (which will come with him when he is adopted!), watching birds from a window perch, and maybe most of all: treat time! He is an absolute gentleman and has never hissed or fussed at his foster family whatsoever. Moose is litter box trained and has never had an accident. Moose had a hard start but all this wonderful and sweet boy now needs is someone to love him and give him a forever hearth to sleep by!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Poor Moose was trapped with a wild, feral colony in an outer NC county. He was neutered and ear-tipped with them, but they then realized that this boy was no way feral when he purred and rolled for them in the carrier! We think he was someone's pet and was abandoned. Moose was very sick when he was trapped, but some good volunteer TLC has got him in peak health now and he is ready to enjoy a new life!