ID# C-15-338R

4 year old • Male

All About Me

Little Louie is a gorgeous brown tabby with beautiful markings and white nose, paws and chest. His fur is bunny soft.

Louie is a gentle, sweet cat that is very friendly to his family, but a little shy around strangers and a little cautious with new things. He loves to sit in your lap and rub on you and be petted but doesn’t care to be picked up. He loves can food and freeze-dried liver treats. He is especially frisky in the morning and tears around the house, then has a siesta. He loves when you open the window (screened) so he can sit there and pretend he’s outside.<p> He chatters at birds when he sees them, then crouches down and hides from them as if he’s hunting them from the window. He’s pretty quiet and hardly meows. When he does meow is it very soft.

My Details
Likes CatsNo
Likes DogsNo
Likes Young KidsYes


Found outside with his 4 siblings