ID# C-14-167

16 year old • Male

All About Me

Oliver is considered a diffuse tabby. While his dominate color is gray, he has white socks, and a hint of yellow on his tummy and the inside of his legs. His fur is soft, sleek, and very short.

Oliver is a very friendly and loving little cat. He loves to run and play with the other cats in his foster house. Despite being little he is not intimidate by larger animals. He is friendly to dogs once he knows they are not going to eat him. He does have some skittishness due to his life as an orphan on the mean streets of Franklinton, but he is still willing to quickly trust and love in return. He has idiopathic cystitis so its important that he only eat canned Royal Canin SO.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Oliver is a very small, friendly, cat. He loves to snuggle and sleep either near or on top of you. Oliver loves to steal food and will pick your pocket if you let him. He grew up an orphan in a feral colony and was picked on by the other cats because of his small stature. A kind woman found him and brought him into her home where he lived for many years. Over Christmas Oliver's caretaker realized that she could no longer care for him and surrendered him to IAR. Oliver must eat a special diet due to urinary idiopathic cystitis.