Candy now Penny Lane
ID# C-14-138

11 year old • Female

All About Me

Candy is a young adult tortoiseshell-tabby (tortie-tabby) or torbie. Her tabby markings are distinct, but there is that lovely orange mixed in. Her eyes are a beautiful green, and she has a slender tail.

This is one sweet cat! Candy earned her name quickly. Her foster mom knew it was the perfect name within a day of her rescue. Candy loves to get scratches and rub against your leg or whatever else happens to be convenient. She does this funny little thing when her foster mom goes in for a head butt. Candy takes her nose and buries it right down to her foster mom's noggin. It's such a darling gesture.
Candy is very talkative and is not shy about making her presence or wants known. She has a bit of tortitude. Not much on being held, Candy will tolerate it but will vocalize her opinion so you know it wasn't her idea. Put her down and give her scritches on top of her head, and she is much happier. Perhaps her independent side will eventually learn to love being cuddled.
Candy seems to prefer the company of her foster mom to that of other cats. She may prefer to be the only companion animal, and she will love it!

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Candy was found as a stray at a local gas station. She was pregnant and obviously abandoned. Candy recognized the kindness of her rescuer and came right to her in spite of all of the noise and traffic. Her rescuer didn't know what was going to happen after she brought Candy home, but, when her sweet disposition became apparent, she knew she could not let Candy go back to her street life. All of her bad life is behind her now.