ID# C-13-267

10 year old • Male

All About Me

Butch has beautiful tuxedo coloring. His bright white whiskers stand out very distinctively against his soft, shiny black fur.

Butch's personality is the complete opposite of his name. He has a very gentle personality but is definitely not timid. As soon as you take him home, he will curiously explore every crevice of your house until he finds the perfect spot to stretch out and take a snooze, most likely right by your side so you can pet him while he naps. He is still adjusting to his canine foster brother Jake, a 7-year-old yappy yorkie and would probably prefer to be in a home with a less noisy companion. He also is very close to his brother Sundance and the two of them will often curl up together to groom each other or nap after an energetic burst of play. Butch and Sundance have a very close bond and would love to go to their forever home together. Click Here For more pictures of Butch

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Found as a kitten by a local veterinarian.