ID# C-13-240R

9 year old • Female

All About Me

Twinkles is a petite and beautiful four-year-old cat with shiny black fur and yellow eyes that turn green when she is near something green and blue when she is near something blue. She is a slim 8 lbs and regal and works hard to maintain her fur coat at the highest standards.

Twinkles is a very calm and sweet girl, who is generous with her purring and love. While not a lap cat, she does want to be close and cuddle, and likes to rest up against her person to be petted or have her tummy rubbed. She has one or two daily bouts of playfulness, where she zooms around and loves to chase balls and catnip mice, but other than that she is content to sit for hours at a window watching squirrels, birds, and the occasional deer or fox. Like all cats, she honors and enjoys her long daily naps. Twinkles is not a talker and only meows rarely, but she is amazingly good at communicating with her eyes. And her meaningful looks can say a lot, whether a gentle reminder it is about time to be fed or warning that someone is approaching the door or a that a thunderstorm is on its way that she hears even if we don't (she is very frightened of storms). Twinkles is a cautious cat, and invariably hides under a bed when someone comes into the house, but if the visitor stays any length of time, especially if they are a house guest, she will eventually come out, introduce herself, and be just fine. This says that a transition will take a bit of time, and she will do best in a quiet home. She has not recently lived with other kitties but did during her first foster care, and may enjoy that with some time.

My Details
Likes Cats No
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Twinkles grew up outside and was rescued at about one year of age when she had kittens. She has done her job, and all kittens are healthy and adopted. Now Twinkles is ready for her forever family. She was recently returned when her owner had to move and could not take Twinkles with her.