ID# C-13-237

13 year old • Male

All About Me

Solid, velvety black, except for three white hairs on his chest, and he has vivid green eyes.

4 year old, single black cat seeking a new home with a fellow high energy companion. Is open to interspecies friendships, and fun with dogs. Has never hung out with children, but is friendly and accepting of others. Likes: Long, rainy nights snuggling on the couch watching TV, while sharing fish treats. Also, adores playing tag, chasing red dots, stuffed mice, and rough housing with a committed four legged companion. Is a rapt listener and likes to frequently comment on the feline condition and his place in life. Turn offs: Hogging the stuffed mouse and Vets with cold hands.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Jeremiah is a 3 to 4 year old high energy, happy go lucky fellow. He is a former stray cat who literally walked in the front door of his foster mother's house, took one look around, and proceeded to make himself at home. He loves everyone and will play with anybody, including dogs, other cats, and people. He needs very little encouragement to start a game of tag or to chase after a ball. Since he is such high energy it would be better to have a forever home with another, young, adult kitty, or a small to medium sized dog who is not embarrassed to be seen playing with a cat. Once Jeremiah realizes the dog is not going to eat him, then he is very affectionate, and would make a nice companion. Even though he has never been exposed to children, he is friendly and accepting and should get along well with anyone who treats him kindly. He loves to snuggle in front of the television, but will steal your popcorn if you give him a chance!

I’m at the pet store!

Jeremiah is staying at Petco South Square right now. You can visit him any time the store is open.