ID# C-13-221

10 year old • Female

All About Me

Siri is one of 4 black and white tuxedo kittens in her litter. Her distinguishing feature is a tiny stripe of white on her nose, and shiny, silky fur.

Siri has the 'absolutely charming cat' thing down cold. She is typical tuxedo cat, well-adjusted and confident. She is a great car rider, and usually sits at the front of the carrier, purring and watching where we are going. She is just happy to be included in whatever adventure is planned for the day. Siri is a bit of a minx, with high spirits and great athletic ability. She likes to climb and explore new things and was the first kitten to see how high she could go on the cabinets and windowsills; if she were outdoors, she is the one who would get stuck up in a tree way above her skill level. Siri does love human companionship, and is in the running for "cuddliest kitten ever fostered" in this house. Siri has a very gentle and affectionate side, and is quick to jump on a lap as soon as available. She also loves belly rubs! She is litter-trained, FELV/ FIV negative, microchipped, and ready for a forever home that should include a cat tree, a companion for playtimes (she's got a lot of enthusiasm for play) and a person ready for kitten fun!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Siri is one of the Star kittens, born inside to Twinkles, a stray mamma kitty who was rescued. Siri has spent her whole life inside with people and other kittens/cats, and as a result, is very social and well-adjusted although she is not at all fond of adoption events.