ID# C-13-015

10 year old • Male

All About Me

PuffDaddy is a gorgeous buff orange Maine Coon mix, with fur that is non-matting and easy to care for so far. He has white ear tufts, toe tufts and mits, and looks like he will be a big boy.

PuffDaddy! His name says it all. This kitten is strikingly handsome, growing fast and is full of himself. He is all boy- playful with a rough and tumble energy. Puff is a tad independent and we are not sure that he will end up being a lap cat, but he is affectionate and shows it by purring happily when he sees his humans and winding around ankles to say hi. He is still squirmy when being picked up and does not like being restrained for prolonged hugging. Puff is still a bit skittish with loud noises, so a quieter home might allow him to shine. He and foster brother Windsor complement each other nicely with a nice balance of energy and affection, but Puff will do well with most any kitten or cat friend if they are ready for games.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


PuffDaddy was rescued from a neighborhood in Durham at about 8 weeks of age. Until that time, he doesn't seem to have had much human contact. Initially he was pretty skittish, but has settled nicely into being his foster home and loves being a pet