ID# C-11-258

12 year old • Male

All About Me

Hopscotch is a gray/brown tabby tiger kitten with short, soft fur, sprinkled with slightly longer fuzz. In sun-light, he seems to have a bit of halo. He has a sweet little face and is ultra-cute! He has not caught up in size to his sister, and we think he might be end up being on the small side.

Hopscotch has a gentle disposition and is a happy-go-lucky kind of kitten. He seems to be the happy follower to his sister Nicole�s stronger personality. He is very playful and can be found streaking around after Nicole before stopping for a cuddle with his humans. He is very affectionate and loves being held, scratched, carried, or sitting in your lap. Hopscotch and Nicole have frequently interacted with a large, playful dog in their foster home, and occasionally get carried around by this mischievous pup. They don�t mind, and even seek him out for more play. He is also great with the resident cats in the house, and is sure to be great with children and people of all sorts. . Hopscotch is healthy, vaccinated, spayed, litter-trained and ready for adoption. He would love to be adopted with his sister Nicole, or with another young cat for company.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Hopscotch and his littermates were rescued from outdoors as very young kittens. They have been in foster care with lots of love during their �formative� weeks and are highly socialized.