ID# C-10-307

13 year old • Male

All About Me

FatMan is an extremely handsome male cat. He will be a bigger male when full grown, but so gorgeous! He is black, but if you look closely his undercoat contains some unique gray tabby-like stripes, its very interesting. He has the deepest, brightest orange eyes. He truly is a handsome boy!

He is the first one to run up and greet you when you come home and the first to snuggle in beg next to you and purr, purr, purr. When he's not snuggled up grooming his "foster sister" Robin he loves to play hard and chase all of his toys, and sometimes even his sister. They are really attached to one another, and are an excellent match, I hope to have him adopted together, together they have even more love for their owners! He got his name from the fact that his colors are just like the ones "Batman" wears, however he was always so fat and happy, and constantly eating as a baby kitten, I had to keep the name "FatMan" it suits him very well. He's a wonderful cat with the best disposition anyone could ask for, a lover, and player and a great snuggler!!!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


FatMan came to me originally as a "feral" kitten, he was found with a huge wound to his Right front leg, and was unable to use his right front foot at all. It was assumed that he may have to have this leg amputated later in life, I intended to keep him as my foster until his surgery date. Despite it all, he never stopped purring and would literally melt in your hands when being cuddled. From the first time he came in contact with people he's shown no fear or aggression, only love. Over the few months I've had him his wounds have healed beautifully and he now (somehow) has regained full use of his injured leg! We're assuming there was bad nerve damage that eventually corrected itself with growth. He really is a miracle baby!! And he definitely is a cat that deserved this second chance!!