ID# C-10-194

13 year old • Female

All About Me

Little Sorscha silver gray color that shines a silvery blue in the sunlight. Big beautiful gold eyes with a unique diamond pattern that has not faded yet.

She loves giving kitty-kisses and nuzzles. From the first moment I saw little Sorscha in the shelter, I knew this little gray cat had attitude, but it was only after the rescue pulled her and I brought her home that I realized that not only did she have attitude, but she is VERY happy to tell you all about. She talks. She just loves to meow-meow-meow. She positively loves attention when she wants attention, but she's picky about when she wants it. Out of all of the cats I have cared for, I must say that it is little Sorscha who has the most personality. Once you have earned this little girl's trust, she will be your most loyal companion. She especially loves a good scratch on her back or a massage on her sides. No... you can't just pet Sorscha. She wants a massage. And when she purrs, it's because she loves you. She reserves her precious purr for her favorite people. (Oh, and when she's in trouble, of course.) Sorscha is just the most beautiful, softest, most darling little kitten. I call her my little Russian Blue... well. She's really a domestic short hair mix, but she's the queen of England as far as she's concerned! She is in love with our large dog, and loves to rub around her legs.

Sorscha has attitude.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Rescued on her very last day from a local Animal Shelter. She was literally going to be put down within hours when we pulled her out.