ID# C-10-139

14 year old • Female

All About Me

Lulea is a petite tuxedo girl with an adorable white splotch on her chin. She has gorgeous light green eyes!

Lulea has a BIG personality. When she first came home from the shelter, she made sure all the other kitties (big, male cats, mind you!) knew that she was the boss. She is, however, a benevolent ruler, sharing her food and toys (and mom) like a pro. She really loves other cats, and is always rubbing up against her foster brother, Tuvalu, trying to get more attention. She cannot get enough petting! She is more than happy to plop down on your lap for hours at a time, purring up a storm. Lulea spent a little time at the vet when she first came from the shelter, and no fewer than three people (two vet techs, and the vet) told her foster mother that she was the most delightful kitten. Even when she's feeling under the weather, this girl is an absolute darling. This is the type of cat you can carry around like a baby. Lulea and her pal Tuvalu were quarantined together when they first came from the shelter. They struck up a fast and strong friendship, and would love to go to a home together. Lulea also loves dogs! She met the resident Chow-chow mix the other day, and after a brief interlude of tail-puffing, she couldn't stop herself from walking back and forth under his belly, and rubbing up against his face. She also gives kisses to her foster mom, although she cannot seem to figure out what those funny plastic do-dads perched atop mom's nose are, and is continually trying to remove them.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Lulea came to Durham APS as a stray. When her (future) foster mom was checking out another cat, Lulea was sticking her paws out of her cage and rubbing up against the bars trying to get attention. All her hard work paid off, for now she's sitting pretty in her foster home waiting for her forever family.