ID# C-10-075

15 year old • Female

All About Me

Frankie is a light grey stripy tabby with lovely pale green eyes. She puts on eyeliner every morning to make sure she has her best face on when she meets her new family.

Frankie is a gentle, relaxed, patient, and affectionate mama cat. She needs every ounce of that patience to put up with the increasingly clever antics of her four baby BOYS. (Notice that the look on her face is one of slight exasperation. How many times does she have to tell him to look at the camera?!) As devoted as she is to her boys, Frankie is equally devoted to her foster parents. She climbs right up into our laps, looks us right in the eye to make sure we understand that she's ready for her petting, and then she flops right down belly up for a good head scratch and belly rub. Frankie is young enough to be quite playful and we're certain the boys are learning their best new tricks from their lovely mama. Frankie will be ready to go home once her babies are weaned in early May.

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My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


We pulled Frankie out of a crowded rural shelter when her 4 baby boys were only 8 days old. Frankie's foster mom is a rescue veteran and knew that pulling young families out of the shelter comes with many risks. When the folks at the shelter asked her to help Frankie and her babies, she asked them a ton of questions. She knew the family was very likely to bring a cold home from the shelter, so she made certain that mama and babies were well fed with fat little tummies to help them survive it. She also knew that mama cats can have a harder time getting adopted than their babies so she was careful to make sure that mama Frankie was on the extreme high end of the affection scale. She brought Frankie home because Frankie was so desperate for affection from the humans that she practically broke down the door of her shelter cage rubbing her cheek against the bars. Just like any orphan hoping to be adopted, that was her way of saying 'Pick me! Pick me!'. We couldn't resist.