ID# C-09-441

14 year old • Female

All About Me

Little Flurry has a beautiful all white coat with a few specks of gray on the top of her head. These spots will fade as she gets older. Her eyes are greenish at the moment, but may continue to change color.

Flurry is an aboslute love bug and a joy to have around. She LOVES to cuddle with people, her favorite thing being to crawl under the blankets with you at night. When I first met her, she instantly purred the minute I touched her and nuzzled my chin. She adores her 8 week old foster brother. They play constantly and cuddle while they sleep. She doesn't care too much about my dog being around, she mostly ignores him. She does have a tendency to play with wires, but we're working on that. Knowing this, she still needs a kitten safe environment until she gets older. She loves to play and is just so funny to watch. Sometimes she will cry when she is in the other room, but once she sees her people, she dashes to their feet, begging to be picked up. Her favorite object is a giant, soft, stuffed husky that she climbs onto and sleeps on regularly.

My Details
Likes Cats Unknown
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Originally named Cora, she was taken from her mom at too young of an age and the people taking care of her didn't know how to do so properly. She wound up at a local animal hospital where a vet tech took care of her, feeding her in the middle of the night, until she got her strength back. Besides the initial malnourishment, she's been healthy.