ID# C-09-158

16 year old • Female

All About Me

Bella is a very beautiful light greenish/yellow-eyed tortie girl.

She is bit shy at first but Very Friendly. Feed her a couple of times and you will have a new best friend! She loves to be petted and to lie next to you on the sofa while she licks you clean. She also loves to sleep on your feet :). She'll let you pick her up but she loves her freedom too. She also loves to sunbathe on your window sill. Oh and she meow, meow, meows when she wants something.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Unknown


Bella was a petite little girl when her foster mom rescued her. She was a stray in the backyard when she was spotted on the back porch with her paw up begging for food. She was so friendly for a stray. She loved being an indoor/outdoor cat, but She was pregnant! Even though she was young she became a very loving mama to Siamese mix kitties Bear, Aurora, Snow and Trinity. She stayed around while she was pregnant, but after she had her kittens she sneaked out one day and her foster mom was worried she couldv'e been hurt. It was discovered that she was trapped by a Trap/Neuter/Release program and was released a day later (this explains her clipped left ear). She is litter trained and she would love to settle down in a caring forever home with her forever mom or dad.