ID# C-08-436

19 year old • Female

All About Me

Sophie is a beautiful chubby tabby with white bib, belly and socks.

I've had a rather hard life in my short 5 years and I need some help finding a forever home. I was found on the roughest streets of Baltimore - at 4 pounds and pregnant. I was literally being kicked by drug dealers at their dealing spot (I just wanted some love!) and the local prostitutes tried to feed me. My former owner took me in and I loved her big male kitty and all her foster dogs. She let me eat to my stomach's and heart's content (I couldn't help myself... I was starving for so long)! Things got a little crazy when my former owner had a baby - they decided to declaw me.... even though I was an overweight adult! I was in a lot of pain and very unhappy. She took me to the vet and asked why I smelled badly and even though the vet repeatedly told her that I had to lose weight because I couldn't clean myself, my former owner couldn't seem to understand. So when I finally snapped (I don't have claws, it's my only defense!) at her toddler�she called the vet to schedule euthanasia!!! 🙁
That's when IAR stepped in and saved me. My new foster mom changed my name from Stinky to Sophie (which I much prefer) and made sure I had lots of love and a good diet. I'm a really good, sweet girl who just wants love and attention. I'm a little sad right now because I don't understand why my former mom just hurt me and then gave me away like that, but I've been on a diet and I'm doing really well. I'm completely litter boxed trained and if you help me a little with my diet I promise my poor declawed toes won't hurt so much that it's painful for me to walk on litter. Just make sure to use the clumping clay stuff!
I know I'm a little older (5 is still very young though!!!) and I have some issues, but I have a lot of love to give and I'm totally worth it if you can find it in your heart to adopt me. My new foster mom really wants to keep me but I think I would be happier without SOOO many cats around all the time so I can get a little more attention. I will do best in a home without small children who scare me and grab at me and without a ton of other cats... maybe just 1 other, or a dog, or even by myself! Then I could have ALL the attention, which I would love. See my blog here:

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids No


My sad story is way more common than it should be. Please help give me a happy forever home!