Huggy J Bear
ID# C-08-434R

15 year old • Male

All About Me

Huggy is a big, gorgeous white kitty with orange spots.

Huggy J Bear is absolutely the funniest cat we have ever met. We like to say he is both the best and the worst cat ever. He is so smart that he's constantly looking for ways to get into trouble, so he will need an understanding, joyous home that likes to laugh at his antics.

We have many, many stories about Huggy: the steak story, the biscuit story, the oatmeal cookie story, the cabinet story... and the list goes on. Huggy does play rather aggressively so we absolutely recommend that he DOES NOT go to a home with young children. They tend to squeal and run after him and he takes this to mean "play with me like you play with your kitty-brethren" and he will hurt young kids.

Huggy was caught as part of a feral cat colony, but when the vet techs let him out of his feral trap he was so happy to see them he climbed up onto their laps and gave them all hugs.

Clearly Huggy wasn't feral, just in the wrong, well, the RIGHT place, at the right time. The vet couldn't give Huggy the feral discount, but they did contact IAR and we took him in. Ever since then he's been a happy, funny bundle of affectionate joy. He LOVES people and loves other kitties.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids No


Huggy was trapped while living in a feral colony, but because he kept trying to hug the vet staff he was deemed too civilized to go back.