Helen of Cat Troy
ID# C-08-335

14 year old • Male

All About Me

Helen of Cat Troy (us commonfolk call her Helena) is a beautiful young tortoiseshell cat with very sleek and soft fur. She has very distinguished white tipped front feet and white stockings on her rear legs. Helena also has a beautiful white bib and is tagged with random orange tabby patterns. Very royal indeed!

Helen of Cat Troy is certainly beautiful enough to have launched a thousand ships! And although we cannot promise you that Brad Pitt will accompany her in her new abode, we can promise you that Helena will keep your lap warm and your face smiling. Helena is a comical little girl, always enticing her foster siblings (both cat and dog alike) to play in a game of racecar kitty or a round of boxing. Helena is also a bit of a talker, mostly when she wants something, but I suppose most of us aren't screaming for much of anything when we're content! Most notable, Helena always needs to know where her humans are. She is a very affectionate girl with a very inviting purr and loves to be held and pampered. Helena is FIV/FeLV negative and litterbox trained. She's love to fill the void in your home and we're pretty sure that she won't be hosting any beauty contests!

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Helen of Cat Troy is a regular rags to riches story (but don't tell her that!). She was one of the lucky 9 kittens rescued from a outdoor group of cats who were mercilessly shot at by a disgruntled neighbor. Helena, being as social and friendly as she is, had absolutely no business fending for herself against natural wildlife predators and humans who lack compassion. Helena is now safely in foster care where she can rightfully wear her crown. The only thing missing is a family to share her crown.