ID# C-08-276R

15 year old • Male

All About Me

Turtle is an adorable black and white kitty - with a black nose and black splotches on his back that resemble a turtle shell!

Turtle is a bright, easy-going and social companion cat. A young, energetic, year-old male, he is nonetheless quite gentle, never using his claws when playing with his foster family's 3-yr-old,or his very young foster sister kitten, Toffee. Turtle is a gentleman, he never jumps on counters or begs for extra food. In bed, he respects his person's space, lying down next to but not on you (and no cold nose in the ear tricks!) Turtle is a curious and playful cat who enjoys other cats, children and adults immensely. He needs a loving person or family to take him home to enjoy his sparkling personality. Here are some of our favorite highlights from the past weeks - think of it as a taste of what you could be getting: - Turtle seems to forget that he's not the small kitten he used to be, so he tries to fit into small places -- not succeeding whatsoever. Imagine the lower half of a frog -- that's what we usually find sticking out of somewhere...an empty plant pot, the bathroom sink, a small wastebasket...He enjoys finding small furry objects and then dashing off to throw them over his head and "recapture" them.He delights in accompanying his humans around the house and settling nearby to follow the activity He always checks to be sure your bathwater is the right temperature and peeks in the shower curtain to be certain you haven't missed behind the ears! Every day brings a new adventure-Turtle is never bored or boring! Who would like to take over chronicling the tales of young Turtle, and offer him the loving home he needs and deserves?!!(Turtle does need to be in a home with another animal...or someone who works from home...he is not a loner!)

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Unknown
Likes Young Kids Yes


Originally dropped off at the Goodwill as a 5 week old kitten! Adopted a year ago and surrendered by a family who was unable to keep him-- now ready for a lifelong commitment!