ID# C-08-264R

15 year old • Male

All About Me

Riley is a handsome black, brown, and white tabby, with silky soft fur, and a tiny white spot on his nose.

Riley is a handsome and surprising cat! He's not always what he seems. He can seem very shy and skittish at first. But once he's had a chance to get comfortable with his surroundings, he is a lovebug and wants lots of affection. He has a surprisingly solid meow for a cat who seems so shy, too! Riley does not discriminate when it comes to snuggles – gentle snuggling or rough snuggling are both perfectly acceptable for him!
<p>Riley loves to entertain himself and can be found chasing toys, food, his sister Faith, or just the pixies that only he can see at all hours of the day and night. For all his playfulness, though, he LOVES a good belly rub or some snuggle time with his family – he's been known to drool and fall asleep while getting a good snuggle and belly rub. He's been jokingly called "Ramrod", because one of the ways Riley will tell you he wants some affection is by ramming his head into your hand or arm! He'll also reach up and paw at you if you aren't giving him the attention he wants.
<p>Riley has been around young kids, but not frequently, and not around kids who are not able to follow directions well (like toddlers or infants). He's also gotten along well with dogs when they were introduced properly. He has also lived with numerous foster kittens and he gets along with other cats with the proper introduction. He would love to be adopted with his sister Faith – he and Faith would be very lonely without each other.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Riley and his sister Faith were returned when their owner became disabled and could no longer care for them.