ID# C-08-191

13 year old • Female

All About Me

A lovely black and white mix.

Little Mel is a cuddler if ever we met one. She is a mama's girl and prefers the warmth of her foster mom's lap. Well, unless her foster mom is reading, and then Mel inserts herself between the book and her foster mom's head, purring up a storm. If the heirarchy of the cat world starts with alpha and beta (a and b), Mel fits in somewhere around omega (w). Mel is not timid, she is just a dainty girl who waits patiently for her foster siblings to finish with the toy, the food, or the human before she takes a turn. She enjoys kitty companionship, rubbing cheeks with every kitty in site, but we suspect she might be happiest in a family where she doesn't have to compete with too many other kitties for the attention of her humans.

Click here to see a slideshow of Melbourne showing off her sometimes silly and sometimes lazy self.

My Details
Likes Cats Yes
Likes Dogs Yes
Likes Young Kids Yes


Pulled from a local animal shelter.